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Pawnsh8p has been a trusted financial partner to growing communities in the greater Bangkok area since 1978. With 9 convenient locations to serve, we provide quick, hassle-free access to short-term loans when cash is needed most.


Receiving a cash loan at PawnSh8p is a straight-forward, same-day experience. Simply deposit personal items of value as collateral to secure an immediate cash loan for up to 5 months. This is not a sale. The shop will safeguard your valuables anticipating loan repayment, with interest, in the near future. If you need more time, pay the interest within your loan term to receive a loan renewal. 


Need to know if your assets qualify and what loan value might be possible? Please chat to share images and details for a loan appraisal and estimate prior to visiting a shop.



Securing a loan is a matter of trust, for both parties.

The borrower needs assurance that their valuables are safe and can be redeemed in good faith. At PawnSh8p, we safeguard your valuables and give 5 months to repay the loan. If you need more time, simply pay the interest within 5 months to renew the loan.

Lenders need assurance the borrower will not abandon their obligation to repay the loan. So personal assets are held as a guarantee. In a loan default, the lender will attempt to recover financial losses by liquidating the assets.


The loan amount you receive will be based on the short-term market value of the assets, as well as numerous risk factors.

Gold jewelry and high-end watches will bring the highest values, while depreciable items like electronics are quickly outdated and hold little value in the short term.


Depositing items for cash at a pawn shop is not a sale. Borrowers deposit personal assets to secure a loan, and lenders safeguard the valuables anticipating loan repayment with interest.  

At PawnSh8p, your valuables are securely stored in our state-of-the-art vault rooms, ensuring their protection throughout the loan period. For high-value items, we take extra precautions to ensure double security. And all facilities are monitored 24/7/365 by Secom, a highly regarded and trusted security firm.

The best part? Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, taking only a few minutes. No lengthy background checks or credit assessments are required, making it accessible to anyone in need of financial assistance.

At PawnSh8p, we believe in making your financial solutions as transparent and hassle-free as possible. Discover the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our services today. 


Pawn Loans

A pawn loan is a small, short term cash loan that a borrower receives when an item(s) of value, such as jewelry or watches, is provided as a security deposit. In Thailand, a pawn loan is a deferred payment loan.


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