PawnSh8p makes the process simple


Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and meets 1 of the following requirements…


Note: We are only able to accept items that meet the following criteria. There are many reasons for this, including an items marketability, reputation, depreciation values and many other factors. The list is not exhaustive and we do make exceptions at our discretion.

* Jewelry should include at least 1 of the following: precious metals, precious or semi-precious stones/gemstones. 
1 We only accept international name brand PC’s & laptops 
2 We only accept modern LED / OLED Televisions 
3 We only accept Professional & Semi-Professional Photography Equipment: Camera’s, Lenses, Studio Lighting, Tripods, etc. (No Point & Shoot Camera’s or Camcorders)


The loan term is 4 months & 30 days. To keep your loan in good standing, you must make at least one (1) interest payment during the loan term. Interest payments are calculated on the date of payment.
Example: If you pawn an item on July 5th, then you have until November 5th to make an interest payment or repay the loan with interest (to redeem your item).

The loan term is extended (restarted) each time you make an interest payment of all accrued interest at the time of payment.
Example: If you pawn an item on July 5th and make an interest payment on August 1st, your loan term is now 4 months and 30 days starting August 1nd.

If you do not make an interest payment or repay your loan with interest within 4 months & 30 days, your item(s) will not be redeemable.

Pawn Value is less than or equal to 2,000 Baht, interest is 2% / month.

Pawn Value is greater than 2000 Baht, interest is 2% / Month for the first 2,000 Baht of the Pawn Value and 1.25% / month for any remaining Pawn Value.


Pawn Loan Value (PLV) = 2,000 or Less:

If the items Pawn Loan Value is less than or equal to 2,000 Baht, multiply the Pawn Loan Value by 2% (.02). That is the interest for 1 month.

Pawn Loan Value (PLV) = Greater than 2,000 Baht:

  1. If the items PLV is greater than 2,000 Baht, subtract 2,000 Baht from the PLV to get the Remainder (ex: 10,000 – 2,000 = 8,000 Remainder)
  2. Multiply 2,000 Baht by 2% (0.02) = 40 Baht
  3. Multiple the Remainder (ex: 8,000) by 1.25% (0.0125) = 100 Baht

Example: One (1) Month interest on 10,000 Baht Pawn Loan equals 140 Baht.

Interest payments are normally made once per month. However, you can make a single interest payment any time during your loan term without penalty, but you must pay all interest accrued at the date of payment.
Note: Each time you make a payment, your loan term is reset to another 4 months and 30 days – you get more time to repay the loan, or make another interest payment.

You can repay the loan (with interest) and redeem your item at any time during the loan term. Failure to repay the loan with interest, or failure to pay the interest accrued during the loan term will make all pawn items nonredeemable.

If you repay your loan within the first 15 days of any term month, you pay only 50% of that months interest.
    Example-1: If you pawn an item on July 5th and repay the loan on July 19th, your interest is only 50% of that first months interest. 
    Example-2: If you pawn an item on July 5th and repay the loan on August 19th, your interest is 100% for the first months interest and 50% of the second months interest.


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