Pawnshop Number 8

Pawnshop Number 8 ( PawnSh8p ) gives Fast Cash Loans in exchange for collateral (such as watches, jewelry, electronics and tools). Our shops are family owned, starting with our first shop in 1978.

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PawnSh8p offers a wide variety of second hand watches and jewelry. Many name brand items are available. Products range from Rolex watches to the casual Seiko's and other fine jewelry. You can shop at a store near you, or shop Online...
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Fast Cash Loans

Pawnshop Number 8 provides fast, discreet pawn loans at 9 locations. A single on-site transaction can be completed in as little as 3 minutes. All you need is one of the following: a Valid Thai ID or Thai Drivers License, a Passport, or other Valid Government Issued ID.
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Locations Around Bangkok

Pawnshop Number 8 ( PawnSh8p ) can be found at several locations in and around Bangkok, Thailand. And finding one is easy. We created a Google Map to help spot one in your area. Jump over to our maps page to find a location near you.
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